Chartered Architects Profile

Chartered Architects – Profile of Harper SperringEstablished in the West Midlands for more than 60 years, Harper Sperring is a team of Chartered Architects with a proven record for professional service founded on experience and technical knowledge.

With a reputation for high standards, we believe in attention to detail at every stage, with the individual attention of a Partner on every project. We get to know our clients right from the start — how they operate, their needs and what they want to achieve. This personal touch enables us to build and develop a relationship, establish requirements and ultimately, design the optimum solution.

Our flexible approach enables us to work on projects from start to finish or selected stages in-between, and in a variety of capacities. Getting involved in the development of a brief, outlining requirements and surveying, along with applying for various permissions through to leading design teams, is all part of what we do.

As Chartered Architects with many years of experience working on different building types, we have established a network with other consultants, enabling us to offer the appropriate service for every scheme. This provides the opportunity to control the various aspects of a project, including timescales and budgets, maintained in our strong commitment to quality through precise detailing, and sustainable solutions.

There’s a lot more we can do than we can show here — to find out how we could help with your project get in touch.