Building Refurbishment

Energy efficiency and conservation of existing resources are more important in our society now, than at any other time. With legislation becoming more focused in reducing carbon footprints within the construction industry, it is often more beneficial for existing buildings to be re-used rather than demolished and re-built. It’s all about the optimum utilisation of space and light, and our extensive experience in this field, from single room accommodation to multi occupancy premises, means that we have the ability and knowledge to progress almost any requirement.

As Chartered Architects, we combine the best of the existing and the new, whether it’s contemporary or traditional. Through careful consideration of the fabric and analysis of the requirements, together with relevant technology, we can review the environmental impact. New materials offer an opportunity to reduce maintenance regimes, reducing energy consumption and ultimately costs. We believe this approach allows greater flexibility during the design, construction and many stages beyond, whilst maximising the potential life of the property and surrounding areas.

Our commitment as a practice to the continuing development of our expertise ensures we stay in touch with industry movements in construction materials and techniques. We then bring this experience to every project, irrespective of size or value. This was beneficial during the refurbishment of an existing catering facility, over 20 years old. Without any increase in floor area, and through careful reconfiguration of the layout, we enabled our Client to programme a fourfold increase in meal production. Our other refurbishment projects include Hospitals, Clinics and Health Centres, Schools, student accommodation, restaurants, shops and offices.
Refurbishment projects from chartered architects Harper Sperring Ltd based in the West Midlands UK.
Chartered architects Harper Sperring Ltd have sixty years facilitating refurbishment projects. Here is an example of work for C&G Manchester from Chartered Architects Harper Sperring.
Here is hospital kitchen refurbishment from UK based architects Harper Sperring.