Architects - Harper Sperring - West Midlands UK

Commercial Chartered Architects

Commercial Projects

Working alongside a variety of Clients, including estate and property owners, developers and national organisations, Harper Sperring has developed a wealth of knowledge in many aspects of commercial building types and designs.


Education Projects

Education is an integral part of everyone’s life. As Chartered Architects, Harper Sperring believes that good design is therefore essential in providing the right environment within which to work and learn.

Chartered Architects - Healthcare Projects

Healthcare Projects

Healthcare continues to form a substantial portion of Harper Sperring’s work and experience. We understand that wellbeing begins through the personal comfort felt upon entering any environment, particularly those offering treatment.

Architectural Refurbishment

Refurbishment Projects

As Chartered Architects, we combine the best of the existing and the new, whether it’s contemporary or traditional. We believe this approach allows greater flexibility during the design, whilst maximising the potential life of the property and surrounding areas.